Winter SingAlong and Cookies in Paradise Park

Winter SingAlong and Cookies in Paradise Park today from 4-7PM:

Meet in the park for some choir practice and cookies (and hopefully something warm to drink! see below) then let’s hit the neighboring blocks to warm some community hearts and give them what’s left of the cookies!

When our toes are frozen (or perhaps before they’re frozen!), we’ll head for something to cure what ails us ;)

Don’t Forget:

* Dress for the weather! Hat, gloves, socks!
* Bring a flashlight so we can see the lyrics if we need to
* Bring a dozen cookies (homebaked prefered!)
* optional – Travel mug with something warm to drink

** Hot Drinks – We’d love to be able to offer everyone hot cocoa or hot cider but we need your help with this.

If you are able to donate cocoa, milk, cider or have another good hot drink in mind, please contact me. We can heat stuff up at my house and/or keep it warm on the grill.

Any ideas for winter songs, let me know, otherwise you’ll be singing just the ones I pick! We’ll be celebrating winter before the solstice and hopefully before it gets too cold.

Thanks Everybody! Hope to see you at the SingAlong!


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