On Fresca

RVA News has a review up of the new Fresca

Fresca is all vegetarian, with many vegan options as well. But meat-eaters, don’t let that scare you. With imaginative dishes and simple crowd-pleasers, Fresca delivers. The consensus from others who’ve been is that the flavors are fresh and fantastic, but the portions can seem a little small for the price. This was certainly true for my Greek salad sandwich for $7.50. [...]

The feel of the space is more deli-counter than restaurant. Something about the wide open prep and cook area seems too, well, open. I like the order-at-the-counter-sit-where-you-like method, but the seating area seemed a little lacking in personality, a little cold. A few market items are also for sale, such as healthier chip, cookie, and snacking options, and bottled beverages.

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