DPU offers credits for energy efficiency

A message from the Department of Public Utilities:

Now is the perfect time to make your home more energy efficient, and
trim your energy bills in the process! If you’re a city of Richmond
natural gas customer, the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is
offering five different rebates in the form of utility bill credits and
you could be eligible for all of them.

Qualified residential customers
can receive a $250 rebate for a home energy audit, $400 for replacing an
existing tank water heater or boiler with a natural gas high efficiency
tankless unit; $400 for replacing a furnace or boiler used for heating
with a high efficiency natural gas model; $30 for purchase and
installation of a programmable thermostat; and $25 for the purchase and
installation of hot water heater insulation. Commercial customers may
also apply for a $500 credit rebate for performing an energy audit as
well as the equipment rebates. For details or to apply, visit and click on
Natural Gas, or call (804) 646-5250.


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