What about the Monument Market?

Jason Guard at Caramelized OpiNIONS has a call to action for the Monument Market:

I want the Saturday morning Monument Market to be as successful as the South of the James Market. If local growers and artisan foodies are going to make it in this town, they’ll need more markets in which to find their niche, and WE RICHMONDERS will need more opportunities to find them and support them.

I want the people who live in or near the Fan to buy their produce and craft-foods there. I want the vendors to return each week because they have good reason to believe the surrounding neighborhoods will turnout to support the market. And I want to be able to get a cup of coffee and some breakfast/lunch food in that church parking lot on Saturday morning while relaxing and rubbing elbows with craftspeople, farmers, and friends. Now that it’s closed for the winter, I want the market to come back bigger and better next year, with electricity for the vendors who need it and a promotional effort that will put the parking lot at Robinson and Monument on the Richmond map.


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