Boogie for bicycles at Strange Matter

Ride Richmond has word on a bike drive dance-off on November 18 at Strange Matter:

Third annual holiday bike drive brought to you by the cutthroats and the Hells Satans . We raise money to buy rad bikes for kids 13-18 who need a bike In their life. This year we are kicking off he drive with a dance off at strange matter. Dj doddie and dirty fingers will play the records. The dance off is open to all.

On addition to the dance off there will be an all bike club rap battle. The drive continues through December 11 when we put on the bring it rva 3d all city talent show @ gAllery 5 . There is an art Auction at the black hand and we encourage your crew to through a party to benefit the cause. We usually give the bikes through sgt. Santa, but he passed away this year so we are planning on giving through the NRC in Fulton hill. Do stuff. Be rad . Make better


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