Some appreciation for Paradise Park

A nice little piece by Morgan Rabalais on The Art, Architecture, And Fun Of Paradise Park:

The idea for Paradise Park came about in the 1970′s, and it was designed by an architect named Carlton Abbott. Soon after the park was finished, the space was coined “Geometry Park” by kids who visited and played in it’s structures. Interestingly, this prized pocket park was also awarded by The Department of Recreation and Parks with a distinction for Urban Design.

Yet, as popular as this design was in the 70′s, over the years the Fan neighborhood evolved and families moved away the park suffered neglect….until the Friends of Paradise Park formed. In this new age, the park has been adopted by the Friends group who care passionately for this neighborhood treasure. The all-volunteer group cleans the park to make it more inviting, celebrates it’s existence through park events, and recently organized a project where beautiful murals were painted by artists and residents of the city.


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