Firehouse Theater hosts David O’Shea’s Taxi Stories

David O’Shea’s Taxi Stories runs 2 nights only, Monday and Wednesday (10/4 & 10/6), at the Firehouse Theater.

Taxi Stories is an 80-minute one-person show in which the author/actor, David O’Shea, recounts stories from his seven-year tenure as a New York City taxi driver during the 1970s and early 80s. This is the NYC of Ed Koch, when homeless slept on cardboard boxes in front of the abandoned Apollo theatre, Times Square was filled with three-card monte players, tall transvestite hookers, and midnight cowboys, and “Pac-Man” was a brand new video game. called Taxi Stories ”a vivid evocation of a now by-gone New York … when the city’s danger and unpredictability were part of its charm.”

The Irish Echo said Taxi Stories is “a lovely show, compassionate and realistic, created by a man who, clearly, hasn’t forgotten a single detail about life in the city … as honest as it is accurate.”

Performances are scheduled for 8 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4 and Wednesday, Oct. 6. Tickets are $12 for individuals, $10 for Firehouse season subscribers, and $8 for students and RAPT members with ID. To purchase tickets call our box office at 804-355-2001 or go online to

Mr. O’Shea has been a featured teller/emcee for the last four years at the Los Angeles Storytelling Festival. His most recent TV and film credits include “The Office” and “Semi-Pro.

He also is currently looking for WWII veterans who would like to have their memories recorded and copied on CD for free (as a tribute to Mr. O’Shea’s late father, a veteran of Patton’s 95th Infantry). If you know anyone who would be interested, please contact Mr. O’Shea at (323) 377-3801.


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