Antiques on Main not going to happen

Antiques on Main, scheduled to begin on Saturday, has been cancelled:

THERE WILL BE NO ANTIQUES ON MAIN – You will not believe this; the day before the scheduled event of Antiques on Main was to open city regulations has pulled the plug.
The Binford Middle School had given the okay, the insurance was purchased, the dealers are ready to go and the city says no.

They say no one can sell on school property and if they did all moneys made must go to the city schools. We are supporting the school with a payment but to give all moneys away is not the object of this venture. We have no choices open to us. The Visual Arts Center would loan us their parking lot for the day but it is not a permanent solution as they need it for their functions. At this time there is no option but to cancel and this email is the fastest way to get the word out.

We as a group are very disappointed as we expect you will be. We thank you for all the good will and support in this venture. If a viable location opens up by the spring we will keep you posted.


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