Fresca has a sign

Jamaica Me Crazy had a great sign. Famelia’s Deli didn’t make it a year. Now Fresca is making a go of it at this Cary and Addison corner store front… An August post on Richmond Magazine’s Food Stuff blog has some more info about this latest Jimmy Sneed venture:

If things go according to plan, by mid-October, the space will house Fresca on Cary, a 1,000-square-foot restaurant with the tagline, “We’re not vegetarian, we just don’t serve meat,” Jimmy Sneed says.


Fresca will have a custom-built pizza oven “like everybody else in the world,” Sneed says, and its menu will include rice salads, cous cous dishes, grilled vegetable sandwiches, Brie-and-grilled-pear sandwiches, and soups and stews.

Photo via RVAfoodie.


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