Westboro Baptist Church to protest at VCU

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church has a day of protest planned for several Richmond locations on September 26, including a stop at VCU:

Virginia Commonwealth University 907 Floyd Ave. WBC to picket at the Virginia Commonweath University where the students have been taught from the cradle that God is a liar and that His commandments are just suggestions really. Your parents, teachers and preachers have encouraged you to serve yourselves and your lusts instead of obeying God, to wit: abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul (1 Pe. 2:11). You are a generation that is good for nothing except the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. You are entitled to hear the truth and see what good looks like. We tell you plainly that God is not a liar; that if you believe and obey Him, He will bless you; if not, He will curse you. There’s nothing but curses all day everyday for this nation. If any have an ear to hear, come out from her today! Amen!!

This will be the group’s 2nd appearance in the Richmond area in 2010. A previous appearance at the Holocaust Museum, along with Westboro’s anti-gay messages, led to the formation of Pennies in Protest (who raised over $14,000 for the Hermitage High School Gay-Straight Student Alliance, the Holocaust Museum, the Jewish Community Center, and the Jerusalem Connection).

WBC will also be protesting at St. Paul’s Baptist Church on Creighton Road, Trinity Baptist Church on Fendall Avenue, and the West End Assembly of God on Parham Road.

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