Towards redistricting City Council in 2011

Silver Persinger has posted video of City Registrar Showalter discussing the redistricting of the 9 City Council districts based on the 2010 census data.

To keep the represented population of each of the 9 districts, City Council will have to redraw the districts based on the new census data (expected in February or March 0f 2011). In the video, Showalter several times urges council to set the criteria for redistricting before seeing any of the new data.

Showalter jokingly mentions protection of incumbents as a possible criteria to consider, something to consider as the Central 5th District (Jewell) and the North Central 2nd District (Samuels) would appear to be the most sensitive to population shifts in their boundaries or any of their neighbors. The Fan is split between these two districts, while the Museum District representation is splintered into the 5th, 2nd, and 1st Districts.

Expect a series of public meetings as this process gets closer.

Current Richmond City Council Districts

Download a PDF of the map at top or below that. More detailed maps of the 9 City Council districts are available for download on the city site.

Does anyone have a map of the districts prior to the 2000 census, or a description of the changes that took place at that time?


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