Mayor’s Participation and Communication Corps (MPACC) meeting on Wednesday

Mayor Jones is launching the Mayor’s Participation and Communication Corps (MPACC) in the city’s 3rd Precinct on Wed. October 6, at 6:30PM at The Carillon at Byrd Park (600 S Boulevard):

Many of you may know about the old “neighborhood teams” process. In an effort to improve upon service delivery and include residents and business owners in the decisions that affect them, Mayor Jones has created the Mayor’s Participation and Communication Corps (MPACC). MPACC is an integral enhancement to the sharing of information and increased community involvement.

MPACC has two major components:

1) Proactive, service driven initiatives including but not limited to matters relating to land use, public safety, parks and recreation, all of which will strive to improve services and conditions; and

2) Rapid, courteous responses to your requests for services such as fixing potholes, removing abandoned cars, addressing blighted properties, and cleaning up illegal dump sites.

To make sure services are close to you, MPACC has been organized around the four Richmond Police Department Precinct structure. Each sector within a precinct will have a MPACC Sector Team. Mayor Jones has selected co-chairs from each sector to lead these MPACC Sector teams.

The MPACC groups will allow for more accountability not only from the City but also the residents. The Mayor will be holding his fourth MPACC Sector Team launch in the 3rd precinct on Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

This meeting will be held at The Carillon at Byrd Park ● 600 S Boulevard ● Richmond, VA 23219 from 6:30 PM to 8PM. At this meeting Mayor Jones will announce his co-chairs for the 3rd Precinct and outline his vision for the MPACC Program. We hope you will attend.


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