5th District to select School Board member in November

Those of you in the city’s river-straddling 5th District will be voting for a School Board member in just over 6 weeks. The 2 candidates are Maurice Henderson and Cherrelle Hurt.

Download a higher resolution map of the 5th District (PDF).

Oregon Hill resident Maurice Henderson was appointed in January 2009 to serve on the School Board until a special election after Betsy Carr resigned from the Board after being elected to the Virginia General Assembly. After retiring from the telecommunication industry, Henderson worked at NASA was involved with the reopening and expansion of the NASA Goddard visitor center’s educational outreach mission, including the development of new programs that feature the Goddard Space Flight Center and Hubble Space Telescope.

Cherrelle Hurt is the owner and operator of the As We Grow Childcare and Learning Center, a past Vice President ofWoodland Heights Association, and an early public supporter (PDF) of the Patrick Henry Initiative. Ms.Hurt ran for this seat in 2006, coming in 2nd in a 5-way race.

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