VPI Vote Tonight

Admittedly it has dominated discussion here a bit lately, but the School Board vote on the Superintendent’s proposed regional pre-school center is tonight. In light of the ongoing exchange of views (here on this site and elsewhere, here are links to 2 recent opinions from the RTD.

First, this from a concerned parent in the Munford School District, who wonders:

How can the School Board vote in favor of this proposal without an actual proposal? The School Board must push back on the administration and demand an actual, tangible proposal instead of hanging our children’s future on a “pipe dream.”

Second, this from RTD columnist Michael Paul Williams. His conclusion:

Yes, the rollout toward this preschool center could have been handled better all around. But the old race and class dynamics surrounding public education in Richmond grew old long ago.

Forty years after busing, how we respond to this situation looms as a test for Richmond. Cling to fear and resentment, and the community earns an F.

What’s the real issue here? Is it administrative inefficiency from RPS, trying to force through a proposal without proper planning and widespread support or is it another case of racism’s long shadow extending over our city?

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