Update on Fan Robberies

Boulevardizen gives an update on the most recent set of robberies in The Fan. I also wanted to include his map of the crimes:


Richmond Police confirm that there is a “strong possibility” that the five armed robberies in Boulevard area neighborhoods are connected. Says Lt. Timothy Morley with the Richmond Police Department’s 3rd Precinct Robbery & Property Crimes Team, “We had two sets of robberies, on two different days which were minutes apart. There is a strong possibility these are related, due to the proximity to each other, the times and physical descriptions given by the victims. There was one robbery which occurred in the same area but at a different time. It would be premature to say the same suspects were involved in all of the robberies, but we are looking carefully at the similarities.”

Lt. Morley tells us that in each case the suspects were described as:

  • young black males
  • around 6 feet tall
  • one suspect was stockier than the other
  • wearing dark clothing

Police are taking proactive measures to prevent further robberies and capture the suspects in the recent rash of robberies. Says Lt. Morley “Our officers have been briefed on the locations and suspect information regarding recent robberies. This may not, however, be the best indicator of where and when any suspects may strike again.” Morley adds, “Our Third Precinct officers are going to be conducting regular checks in the area. We would ask our area residents to assist us with their eyes and ears to report any suspicious activity, cars or persons in their neighborhoods.”

Police say the best thing you can do when you observe suspicious persons around you or your vehicle is to call 9-1-1. Your detailed description of persons and vehicles could prevent one of your friends or neighbors from becoming a victim of crime.

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