Spanish Immersion Program, Saved

It looks as though money has been put back into the school budget for the Spanish Immersion program in Richmond Public Schools (currently at Fox and Southampton Elementary Schools). We told you a while ago that the program had been cut (click here to read more), but many parents worked tirelessly to convince the administration that the program was worth saving. The news was presented Monday night although it looks as though it won’t be official until May 24th.

The current program is in kindergarten and 1st grades as it began last year for the kindergarten students and grew with them into 1st grade. The hope was to keep the program growing as the kids got older (adding 2nd grade next year and 3rd the year after, etc.) but it looks as though the program can only be kept as it is next year with no growth yet.

Still, this is a victory for the parents involved in saving the program. In an email from two such parents,  Caroline Browder & Lorraine Fisher, they say, “The administration worked hard with us to get to the point of being able to send you this great news, so we have reason to believe that if we continue to show our interest & support maybe the administration will be able to find a way to not just keep this program but continue to grow it. Thank you for your support up to this point & we hope that there will be a teacher/parent/administration meeting to discuss these issues in the near future!”

What a great testament to parents fighting for something they believe in regarding their children’s education.


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