Community Garden at Binford Middle School

I’ve been trying to impart to my children the importance of eating healthy food and teaching them where their food comes from. Especially when the weather warms up and my kids “help” us plant our veggies, fruit and flowers for the season. While I don’t profess to feed my children only wholesome, non-processed food all the time, I like to think they understand where most of the food they eat comes from. Not so for every child in our country. Watch the video “Test Moment” to see Jamie Oliver quizzing kids on their veggies and to see them failing miserably to identify a tomato or a potato.

Why bring this up? Something exciting is going on over at Binford Middle School. Binford was selected as one of eight sights for a fully funded organic garden as part of the Leadership Metro Richmond Community Roots Program in partnership with Backyard Farmer, Home Depot, and Bon Secours. What better way for kids to learn where there food comes from and how to have a healthy diet than for them to grow their food?

See email below from Binford’s Building and Grounds Chair, Erica Cotton-Blackwell:

Yesterday [March 25th] I met at Binford with Thomas Raper who is managing the Leadership Metro Richmond Community Roots Project. Sean Sheppard of the group Backyard Farmer, who is helping with the project was present to take measurements and started removing sod for the bed sites with the help of Ms. Hackett and her science class of 8th graders. Binford is one of eight sites in Richmond that has been chosen to receive three 10 ft x 3 ft pre-fabricated raised beds, complete with hoop frames and trellis. Over 200 vegetable plants will be donated to Binford to transplant, as well as seeds, tools and over 3000 pounds of garden soil. All of these materials have been generously donated by Home Depot. This is the start of what will be a beautiful and productive community garden for Binford.

Thursday April 1st 2010:  The Big Work Day.

Home Depot will be at the school between 7:30-8 a.m. to start setting up the site. Estimated work time for spreading soil and putting in transplants will be between 11 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Ms. Hackett will be organizing students to come and help with this process.

Tuesday April 13th 2010: Binford Gardens Committee Meeting, Binford School at 6:30 p.m.

So, this post is a little late for any of our readers to help out today (unless you hurry, they may still be there!), but if you’re interested in helping in the future, just give Erica a call at 804.441.3992. I’m sure the garden will need some tlc as the spring and summer go on.


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