Suspected Arson at Mrs. Bab’s Nursery School

The following from FDA Safety Committee and John Gilbody:

On the early morning (circa 2:00a.m.) of Thursday, March 25th, an unknown individual set fire to the back fence at Miss Bab’s Little Nursery School. The school is located on the southside 2300 block of Grove, so the alley where this occurred is between Grove Ave. and Floyd Ave. The fire was quickly reported, and the fire department quickly responded, but nevertheless a five foot area of the fence was destroyed. It seems whomever [sic] started the fire used gas or some similar flammable liquid.

This is the second act of property destruction targeting Miss Babs’ Nursery. About a month ago, a small portion of the fence was superficially burned. Notably, the portion burned had a sign requesting that people clean up after their dogs. Arson is a serious crime, targeting a nursery school is simply reprehensible.

If anyone has any information regarding this act of arson, please contact the Richmond Police Department. Likewise, please email me ( if you are aware of any other acts of arson in the Fan. We have received sporadic complaints, and would like to be able to present a complete picture of the problem to the Richmond Police.


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