Spanish Immersion Program Cut at Fox

Despite the efforts of many parents at William Fox Elementary School, the school board has approved cutting the Spanish Immersion program. The program is also at Southampton Elementary School.

My son attends Fox and is in one of two (out of three total) kindergarten classrooms with Spanish Immersion. First grade has some classes as well. The program started last year with two kindergarten classes and those students have continued the program in first grade. The intention was to keep adding classes as the kids grew until the whole school was participating. Parents could request not to be in this program at the beginning of school and a lottery was drawn from the remaining students to see who would be placed in the program.

Being involved in Spanish Immersion means that my son has two teachers – one who teaches him Social Studies and Language Arts in English and another who teaches Math and Science completely in Spanish – this amounts to an hour and a half of Spanish every day. (Even though his Spanish teacher is fluent in English and Spanish, she only speaks Spanish).

It’s kindergarten, and early in my son’s school career, but he has loved learning Spanish and has been learning Math and Science effectively as well. Among many other things, this program has been a great exposure to another language that is sure to help him later on in his life.

Many parents argued that it would be foolish to cut the program before its effectiveness was fully known.

Along with this program, the cuts include long-term substitute pay and coaching stipends. The approved budget will increase class sizes, eliminate 138 positions and force employees to take three unpaid furlough days.

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