“Save Our Schools” Rally

On top of the new budget cutting funds to RPS, now there is talk of Governor McDonnell unfreezing the Local Composite Index. While some schools could benefit (Culpeper schools stand to gain money), some schools, like RPS will lose additional money.

The VDOE defines the LCI:

The Composite Index determines a school division’s ability to pay education costs fundamental to the commonwealth’s Standards of Quality (SOQ). The Composite Index is calculated using three indicators of a locality’s ability-to-pay:

True value of real property (weighted 50 percent)

Adjusted gross income (weighted 40 percent)

Taxable retail sales (weighted 10 percent)

Here’s an email from Fox kindergarten parent Jennifer Smith-Slabaugh:

Fox Elementary FRIENDS – Please take a minute and make your voice heard if you agree with the information below and forward to anyone else that you can in the FOX family.  The vote will occur this Sunday so please act now.

Richmond Public Schools will LOSE an additional $11 Million if Gov. McDonnell’s Composite Index Proposal is Approved. This would increase the City’s anticipated shortfall to $28.8 M for the upcoming school year.

What is the Composite Index?  A measure of how much a locality can afford to pay for K-12 education and is determined by three factors: the local real value of property, adjusted gross income and taxable retail sales.

What is the Issue?  This year’s funding formula is based on 2007 figures and does not reflect the current economic conditions of the City.  Most importantly, it does not fully account for our student’s needs or the services we provide to meet those needs.

One out of four Richmond residents lives in poverty and more than 70% of the RPS students are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

What Does this Mean for our Children?  Larger classroom sizes, loss of enrichment programs, longer bus routes, reduction in basic instructional programming, etc…

What can YOU Do?  Email or call your state legislators and tell them to VOTE …

NO to the Composite Index Change and YES to Public Education Funding.

How to EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES? Easy. Click the below link, plug in your address and zip code! Your VA State Legilators appear on screen, and you can send them a message from the site immediately.

If you want to attend the rally, here are the details:

Save Our Schools Rally

Sunday, February 21st, 12:30 @ the Capitol Building

-Bring your kids and signs

-Wear school bus yellow if you can

- Let your legislators know you want them to freeze the LCI and stop the huge budget cuts!

More info over at RVANews

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