A New Home For Connecticut


Connecticut, or The Giant, as my kids like to call him, is the large, Native American sculpture which currently resides at The Diamond. Since the Flying Squirrels are coming to town, there’s a need to find Connecticut a new home. (btw – you can try out to be the new mascot this Saturday, along with other job opportunities – see website)

The Richmond Metropolitan Authority, which owns the Diamond, is accepting proposals through Jan. 29th in order to find a good place for relocation.

From the RTD article:

Paul DiPasquale, who still owns the sculpture’s copyright, said he wants it to remain a visible tribute to the area’s original settlers.

He said the piece ideally would sit on a two to six-story building with a flat roof and said he has talked informally with representatives of the Plant Zero art center in South Richmond’s Manchester.

Any ideas about where to put Connecticut? What do you even think of the sculpture? Racist, or a nod to our city’s heritage?

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