Cops Fight Back (Sorta) Against Graffiti

Since we’ve talked a lot about graffiti here I figured it might be worthwhile to see some tips from the cops (most notably environmental officer Claude Picard) who are fighting graffiti in the Fan.

1)  Spray Paint can rattles – It’s a very distinct metallic rattle sound that is created when a person shakes a spray paint can.  Small metal or plastic “peas” are added to spray paint cans to help mix the paint during the shaking process. If this sound is heard, especially in the alleys, please call us so we can investigate.  ”Taggers” are they are often called carry their cans in backpacks which you might be able to hear “clanking” as they are walking down the alley or street.

2)  If you see anyone stopping intermittently in the alleys for unknown reasons.  This may be a sign they are walking, stopping, spray painting, and then moving on to their next target.

3)  If you see anyone hiding/ducking from passing vehicles and then returning to a particular area this may be a sign they are tagging a building or vehicle (or breaking into vehicles).  A “tagger” may also have his face partially covered and using a second person as a lookout.

4)  It is believed that spray paint tags occur in the early morning hours.

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