GRTC Site Sold to RRHA

Here’s the story from the RTD.

This has been rumored for awhile and comes as no surprise, but do please take careful note of exactly how this all went down. I’m sure others more aware of all of this will be blogging about this soon, but first the city stacked the GRTC board and then they took a vote when a third of the board wasn’t there. We’re all interested to see how the City manages the re-development of this site.

GRTC Transit System sold its coveted, century-old headquarters near Richmond’s Fan District today for more than $5 million.

The transit system’s board of directors voted 3-0 to approve the sale to Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority, despite the absence of two board members from Chesterfield County. The third Chesterfield representative, David Mathews, abstained from the vote, taken publicly after an hour-long executive session.


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