Ham’s “Recession 2009″ will come down

Richmond BizSense has the story of the new mural painted on a Fan business that has brought criticism and demands for removal. The mural–entitled Recession 2009 and painted by Hamilton Glass–features a man in a business suit with a revolver cocked at his temple. It is depicted on the back of ALB Tech–a computer repair and website design shop at 1208 W. Main St.

Nearby Miller House Bed and Breakfast has demanded the mural come down by December 1. Rather than escalate the confrontation, ALB Tech owner, Adam Bell, will concede.

“In my opinion they have threatened us but don’t have any legal right to [make us] bring it down, but Adam wants to stand in good graces with the neighborhood and that’s fine. I’m behind him 100 percent,” Glass said.

For more on the mural, go here.

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