Quidditch at VCU, UR

VCU's team in action
VCU’s team in action

That’s right, “quidditch”. As in the game played by Harry Potter with flying broomsticks and floating goals. I’m a little late getting this info, but apparently VCU and UR have quidditch teams.

College students right now are the ones who grew up with Harry Potter, the first book having come out in 1998 when they were between 6 and 10 years old.

From an article that appeared in the spring of last year in VCU’s The Commonwealth Times:

“The brooms can’t fly and the snitch is a human player, but VCU is following in the footsteps of more than 130 other schools across the U.S., Canada and Argentina by forming a campus muggle quidditch team.

Quidditch was invented in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, and the muggle [non-wizard] version combines elements of rugby, dodgeball and pure imagination to create a sometimes dangerous sport.

“It’s a very rough sport,” said Heather Wright, the VCU team’s captain, coordinator and chaser. “We’ve had a lot of injuries.” Amber Cummings, one of the team’s keepers, said she almost had her teeth knocked out by a teammate’s broom during practice.”The brooms have a tendency to hit people in the face,” Cummings said.

A more recent article ran in the RTD, referencing the recent Intercollegiate Quidditch Association World Cup III in Middlebury, Vermont. VCU’s team didn’t win their games but this year’s team captain Britni Puccio says:

“We met a lot of teams and made some great friends.”  She said the Quidditch team would continue practicing through the end of the semester and hoped to schedule a few more matches against the University of Richmond.

You can see their promotional video on youtube. And, if you’re interested in further reading check out UR’s The Collegian, which also ran an article about quidditch.

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