New GRTC Board Appointments

The RTD reported this story a couple of days ago, although it seems to have scooted below the radar a bit. Given the imoprtant decision about the existing (but soon to be replaced) GRTC facility in the Fan, these are meaningful appointments. And one of Mayor Jones’ cronies (Sheila Hill-Christian) is among the appointments:

Interesting excerpts:

Councilman Douglas G. Conner Jr., chairman of the committee, said the selection process was fair even though only seven of the 13 applicants were interviewed. ”I can tell you it was a fair process,” he said. “We selected the best people for the job.”

Samuels complained that the selection process didn’t allow current GRTC Director Michael Rohde to be interviewed because he was unavailable when the interviews were held. With two appointments to the Planning Commission now pending, council members acknowledged the need for a formal policy to help them make appointments to boards and commissions.

For more on this story look here.


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