Local Fire Company Closures

Fan of the Fan recently received this email from local firefighter Alex Farber:

Currently in the City of Richmond, there is an ongoing issue with the fire department closing companies on days where staffing shortages exist.  The Richmond Firefighters Association, I.A.F.F. Local 995, has created a blog to help keep the public abreast of these closings as they occur as well as other information regarding this issue.  Please pass on the address, to your readers.”

Alex Farber
Richmond Firefighters Association Local 995

Some highlights from the blog:

Since the beginning of the 2009 – 2010 fiscal year, the Richmond Fire Department budget has experienced cuts that directly impact the amount of fire protection available on a daily basis to the City of Richmond.

Due to cuts to the departments overtime budget, when staffing levels on a daily basis decrease due to sick time, vacation leave or other occurrences, the department is not hiring overtime at a level to maintain full staffing. As a result, the department selects different companies, usually Quints 1, 10, and 13, and places them out of service for the shift depending on staffing level on that day. As a result, fire protection throughout the city is greatly diminished, placing both the citizens and firefighters at a greater risk.

What can you do? Contact your council person and mayor and let them know that you want the fire protection that you deserve and need. Tell them that funding cuts to the fire department are unacceptable!

You can go to this site and see which companies have been closed on what days. Since October 7th, there have been 12 different instances of local companies closing for 24 hours.


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