Latest Fanfare: Water Pipes

The latest Fanfare newsletter is now available–delivered as a hard copy to Fan residents and online as pdf here.

The highlight for me is the explanation of the yellow pipes and construction work (aka DPU’s Cleaning and Lining Program–”giving new life to old water mains”) that is inescapable around the Fan.

In 1983, Richmond began an aggressive cleaning and lining program. Tubercules and solid accumulations were cleaned out and the pipes lined with cement mortar, which prevents additional corrosion. The result is less expensive than completely replacing existing pipe and improves water quality and flow.

There is also a fantastic picture (scroll down to p. 7) of a pipe covered and crusted with various mineral deposit. Yummy. Makes me want to reach for a nice tall glass of city water. How about you?

Of course, the picture itself is grainy, hard to decipher because of the Fanfare’s single color, green ink printing. Label me a radical but what about Fanfare being designed in full color and distributed solely as pdf? What are the chances of that?


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