H1N1 Vaccinations at Fox today

H1N1 vaccinations were given today to all students whose parents signed a waiver allowing them to do so. The vaccinations were delayed a day due to a shortage of supply which is apparently happening in other parts of Richmond as well.
From an RTD article:

Young people are among the priority groups for early vaccination against the flu strain. School absenteeism rates in the region are running at 10 percent to 15 percent, Rankin said, and in some cases as high as 20 percent, which officials say is far above normal.

She also said the parental-consent rate in central Virginia schools for vaccinations is 50 percent to 60 percent. She noted that some parents want to be with their children when they receive the shots and acknowledged that parents will have other opportunities to get their children vaccinated.

My kindergardener explained he only cried beforehand (anticipation is the worst part) and was fine during the shot due to the fact that his teacher held him on her lap (she received one as well).

He did come home with an awesome tattoo touting the fact that he got the vaccine. I thought it was interesting, as if the health department were trying to make it “cool” for students to get the vaccine. I can see them now, sporting their tattoos, telling their friends who did not receive a vaccine that they were missing out. Not really.

On the playground after school I did notice children running from a boy yelling, “here comes the vaccination!” Kids say the darndest things…


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