Rev It Up: Up and Running


Rev It Up–the latest incarnation of the coffeeshop in the 1200 block of W. Main Street–opened today (Friday, the 18th). It was a great day to stop by since they were handing out coupons for free drinks (lattes and smoothies) and sampling just about everything else on the menu, too.

Owners David and Sharon Taylor were in the shop and very much involved in the goings on. I could tell it was opening day when I ask for a latte and the well-meaning barista requested a consultation since he’d never made one before. But the latte that I was handed was good (and hot).

The Taylors have relocated from Denver and are eager to plug into the Fan community in a variety of ways. Sharon particularly is friendly and gregarious. Her energy and charisma alone will draw me back to the shop. They are eager to be fully engaged in the day-to-day of the shop. And they seem to get customer service.

The interior of the shop has been completely updated. That’s a good thing because the sorta dingy look of Main Street Java didn’t make for a great experience. New tile, new paint, and a new ‘bar area’ featuring wine and beer are all great additions. What’s more they have comfortable furniture and plenty of space. And the flat screen TV against the back wall isn’t bad either.

I didn’t try much in the way of food, although my kids devoured cookies and muffins. Sharon raves about her on-site baker and told us the shop will offer breakfast items as well as more substantial sandwiches and salads for later in the day.

The shop will open at 6:30 AM (at least for now). They’ll probably be open til at least 7, although they’re going to wait and see what kind of demand exists before firming up exact hours.

Check out Rev it Up. I think you’ll be pleased with the new look and the fact that you’ll actually be able to find a table without rubbing elbows with someone else on a latop.

Oh and if you like tea (or just want to try a new drink) ask for the Bath for your Soul–pretty much the perfect drink for a fall day, a good book, and an hour or so at a coffee shop.


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