The Down Low on Balliceaux


Run on over to RVAJazz and check out a wonderful piece by Dean Christesen about the much-anticipated opening of Balliceaux at 203 N. Lombardy, in the spot formerly occupied by Bogart’s. Steve and Lainie Gratz are the owners of the restaurant which features the aptly named executive chef Russell Cook, erstwhile chef at Millies.

Balliceaux’s opening later this month promises to add flavor (both culinary and musical) to the Fan. Here are some snippets from the piece, but you really should just read the whole thing:

As [Gratz] maintained last year, music will have a great presence in the restaurant, and he has enlisted Chris Bopst to the team to book for the space.

Restaurants tread in dangerous territory when they rely on music to draw in business. This, [Bopst] says, is what happened to Hole in the Wall, an old venue on Laurel Street.. . . I think,” he continues, “in order for a place to succeed it has to be first and foremost: this is where I go to eat.”

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