(Main) Street (Java) Closure

Again from Richmond BizSense: another coffee shop grinds to a halt in the 1300 block of West Main St.

In January the Common Cup gave way to Main Street Java. Now Main Street Java yields to Rev It Up. It kinda makes me think that Crossroads has got the coffee thing covered at Morris and Main. But perhaps Crossroads’ very popularity is what convinces new business people to think another shop is sustainable.

My two cents: To compete with a much-loved and historically successful coffee shop you need to find something to set yourself apart. Just saying ‘New ownership and new attitude’ won’t do it. First, you need to create a great coffee experience (i.e. better than Starbucks which sadly many people still thinks sets the bar with coffee). Second, you need to create a place in which it is comfortable to be (especially for the abundant college students in the area). Third, just adding an ABC license won’t do it. In this age of coffee shop-cum-wine bar, alcohol is a good idea, but to really succeed it needs to be done with excellence, not just throwing some bottles in a fridge. Finally, here are one observer’s thoughts on some other ideas for coffee shops to cater specifically to the WiFi, working person crowd.

All of this makes me wonder, what’s your favorite Fan coffee shop and why? Or, if you’re more of a dreamer type, what does the Fan need in a coffee shop?

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