Balliceaux: A Hearsay Review

We’ve posted earlier about the opening of Balliceaux at 203 N. Lombardy. An early review is in. And another here.

We haven’t been there personally yet, but trusted foodie friends have been. Here’s their take:

The interior is beautiful and spacious. There are multiple bar areas, which is good because if you go at a busy time (especially a weekend, you should expect to wait a bit). Our friends went on a Saturday and were quoted a 45 minute wait which ended up being more like an hour an a half. But they didn’t mind, partly because the draft beer selection was good (although serving size was not a true pint) and partly because of all the Richmond mini-celebs to watch.

As for the food, it was very good. Balliceaux’s approach is ‘farm to fork’ with an emphasis (wherever possible) of using local products. They believe in reasonable (European, perhaps) portion sizes. As our friend put it, “They are ‘don’t be a fatty’ portions.”

The cheese plate app is excellent. The crab cakes are good if a little small and the PEI mussels are well done with a curry flavored broth.

So that’s the hearsay review. What have you heard? What do you say?


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