Is Church Hill Safer Than the Fan?

Melissa Savenko’s been crunching numbers over at her blog comparing the relative crime statistics in Church Hill and the Fan. She was inspired by the recent report that labeled CH as one of the top ten most dangerous US neighborhoods (and comments on that report over at Church Hill People’s News). And she relied on data from the Richmond’s Crime Incident Information Center.

I’m no statistician, so I can’t speak to her methodology. But here is part of her conclusion:

There is a higher incidence of sex offenses in the area that includes the Fan, and you are more than twice as likely to be burgled.  Incidences of robbery, assault, and vehicle theft are relatively equal across both Precincts  The number of vice offenses – drugs, weapons, and prostitution, I suspect – is substantially higher in Precinct One, but the number of thefts is almost three times as great in Precinct Three.

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