Your view of Paradise?


Wednesday evening a group of about 35 folks gathered in Paradise Park to discuss the future of the park.

Those gathered represented a veritable cross section of Fan life, young and old. At the meeting Donna Joyce–current President of Friends of Paradise Park–gave a quick history of the Park and then solicited input from the residents who showed up. A few tidbits:

- The park was built in 1973 based on a design by noted landscape architect Carlton Abbot. It is a classic example of the Modern style.

- The park is named for the tree in the center of the park–Paradise Tree.

- The city owns the park but apparently lacks the resources to do any maintenance beyond emptying trash cans and painting over graffiti.

Various ideas for increased use of the park were discussed; everything from an annual yard sale to raise funds for the park to regular music shows to movies shown in the park.

All of this got us thinking, what would you like to see Paradise Park used for?

Paradise Tree

Paradise Tree

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