Sector 313 Crime

The May report on crime for sector 313 has been posted by the Richmond PD. It always makes for good reading–offering reminders to secure your vehicles, hide valuables out of sight, be vigilant for suspicious activity especially after dark.

But it also contains gems of police activity like this:

Officers Morley and McGovern responded to the 2700 block of W. Grace Street reference a complaint of illegal drugs being stored inside an apartment. The officers made contact with the tenant and while talking to him they smelled a strong odor of marijuana. The officers told the tenant they had received a drug complaint and the tenant allowed the officers to search the apartment. During their search the officers found over ½ pound of marijuana hidden inside a closet. As a result the tenant was charged with a drug felony and the marijuana was seized.

Talk about a ‘closet drug problem.’ Hey-o.


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