Plaza Mexico–Early Reviews


Reviews are starting to come in for Plaza Mexico–the spot at Allen and W. Main St. that opened this past week. No alcohol yet, but early reviews are good.

I had lunch there on Tuesday: Nachos Nuevos. I was pleased. It was fresh and spicy and filling, although I’m no Mexican junkie.

A more detailed review comes from RVAFoodie who orderes the chilaquiles sin pollo:

The dish before me had a nice sauce (maybe part enchilada red sauce and part white cheese dip.  Tasty.  Wish there was more.  The tortillas were plain old chips, but some of them were soaked through and very satisfying (supposed to be al dente, if authentic).  After putting in my time at the trough, I turn to Karen.  She’s throwing in the towel, totally sated after just one of the three tacos and a few bites of her refried beans.  How the heck am I supposed to be a good vegetarian with that kind of temptation?

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