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All-Star Market

All-Star Market

Okay, so I stole the post title from a t-shirt I saw at the James River Market Saturday morning, but it seems to fit the ethos of All-Star Market and Deli, too. I must confess, we haven’t tried out All-Star (at 111 N. Lombardy St.) yet, despite walking past pretty often (and admiring their sweet star-studded bike rack). Their website boasts delivery within the Fan (by bicycle!). And word on the street (or maybe word on the tweets) is that a local produce co-op will offer pick-up from All-Star soon.

Here are some other ideas of how All-Star may be going green:

partnering with local farmers to supply/subsidize our produce; a rain water catch system for use in watering our garden and flushing the toilet; a green roof-top garden to subsidize delivered produce and to help with heating and cooling; solar panel/wind power hybrid electric system; a solar water heater; pedal-power blenders for fruit smoothies; and many other ideas!

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