Samuels says Fire-Fighter Flyers Misleading

Fan Area City Council Rep, Charles Samuels, has issued a statement calling flyers being distributed by Richmond City Firefighters in the Fan (and other parts of the city) ‘misleading.’ The whole thing reads kinda ‘lawyerly’ to me (but I guess it should since Samuels is a lawyer):

The Richmond Firefighters Union is passing out flyers in the Fan District and North Richmond which are misleading.  The proposed City of Richmond Budget, submitted to Richmond City Council by Mayor Dwight Jones on March 26, 2009 includes monies to fully fund the Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services and its 648 positions.

I guess the issue has to do with funding for overtime hours. Samuels encourages the firefighters union to discuss the matter with the Richmond City Council Finance Standing Committee, of which he is the vice chairman.


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