FDA Gives Away Free Trees

944738090_bf3bfdc3b3jpgAround Earth Day we posted about the City’s Adopt-a-Tree program, where residents can purchase a tree (planted by the City’s Department of Urban Forestry) for $50, assuming they agree to tend to the tree for 2 years. The Fan District Association has announced that they are subsidizing the program:

For the low, low price of $25, any homeowner in the Fan can purchase a tree. The city charges $50 for a tree. Starting this summer, the FDA will pay half the price, $25, for a tree planted in a public tree well in front of or adjacent to your Fan residence. Residents may also obtain a free tree for an “orphan” tree well — an empty tree well adjacent to property with no identifiable caretaker or a non-resident owner. In this case, the FDA will pay the entire $50 for each tree.”

Checks for the trees must be sent along with completed application to the FDA, not to the City. For further details, check out the latest issues of Fanfare available on FDA website.


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