24 Hours of Art

The Visual Arts Center is hosting an event called ART:24 starting tomorrow, May 15th. Here’s a description from their website:

a decidedly un-stuffy celebration of hands, community, crafts, food and fun. This 24-hour whirl of funky, fabulous activities and workshops celebrates the art of everyday. ART:24 is a Main Street community collaboration and will spill out of the Visual Arts Center, onto and over the courtyard walls and into the surrounding galleries and shops, alleys, sidewalks, even the field across the street!

Workshops all day Saturday include recycling your old t-shirts, plastic bags and paper bags into new things – like more bags and t-shirts (but cooler) and books.  Each workshop is $10, call to register in advance.

There will also be a full day workshop with renowned designer and textile artist Natalie Chanin on Saturday.


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