Plans for the GRTC Bus Shed

Richmond BizSense just ran a transcript from an interview with chief of the GRTC, John M. Lewis Jr.  In it he talked about the long-term plan for the bus shed at Robinson and Cary after GRTC moves its headquarters to Belt Boulevard (likely in October/November 2009). Which begs the question: What happens to the old facility?

JL: I have 10 underground tanks here, so there needs to be some environmental cleanup, and we will do that once we leave. I believe there is nothing really bad, there is nothing glowing or leaking. We’ll clean up, then our goal is to put this asset on the market. The cleanup will take probably six months to a year. Hopefully in a year and a half or two years, the economy will rebound, and we will be at the right point where we can get a great value for this asset. We’d like to partner with the developer where GRTC can get some long-term revenue over 10 to 15 years in a partnership based on the value of this property and some percentage of increased profits as a result of that development.

So, we’re looking at late 2010 before development takes place, but the rumors are already flying about what will (or should) anchor the development of that area. And it doesn’t mean we can’t start making suggestions. So, Richmond, what’ll it be? What would you most like to see at GRTC site?

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