Opening Day

Guys, it’s baseball season. Perhaps you don’t care, perhaps you do. For us it means listening to lots of Red Sox games streaming off the Internet.

But it also serves as a reminder that there isn’t any professional baseball in Richmond this summer. Again, you may or may not care. For our part we’d love to see professional baseball (in some shape or form) back in Richmond. If nothing else it could mean taking the family out to a game a few times a year. We won’t enter the fray of the ongoing debate as to where baseball should play. Other internet mavens are ably dealing with that here, here, and here. (Admittedly, these sources may approach the debate from a particular bias. They’re just things we’ve read–not meant to be equally representative.)

But, we do want to pass along this event in the Fan: on Wednesday, April 8th, Greg Burton of ESPN Radio 950 will broadcast from Home Team Grill from 4-7, with the developers behind the Baseball in the Bottom bid.

Greg will be broadcasting live, and representatives from Richmond Baseball Club LLC and Highwoods will be on hand.  This promises to be a fun, informal event to celebrate the beginning of the baseball season and the hope that baseball will return to Richmond in the near future.

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