Happy Earth Day

Okay, so as a kid I remember mocking the obligatory Earth Day celebrations held at my school every April. But with all the recent attention on global climate change and with a maturing responsibility towards stewarding resources for the future, Earth Day makes sense.

In the Fan, you may not immediately think of Nature. But over the last week, one of the real natural treats of the Fan has become immediately apparent: the trees. Whether it’s the blooming dogwood or cherry trees or the high-arching elms, trees add a lot to the Fan.

One idea for Fan residents this Earth Day is to participate in the City’s Adopt-a-Tree program. For just $50 (tax-deductible, too), you can get a tree (a $250-$350 value) for in front of your house. The city does the work, you just need to commit to watering the tree once a week for the next 2 years. Applications are received between June and October; trees are planted between November and February.

For Earth Day, I’m  filling out the application and talking to my kids about how they get to water a tree for the next 2 years.

Here’s a pdf link with more details.

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