Fresh Ink Series at Visual Arts Center

Chapbook Poster

Chapbook Poster

This Sunday is the second installment of the Fresh Ink literary series. The focus is on chapbooks.

Chapbook is a term currently used to denote low-cost hard copy production. Poetry chapbooks tend to focus on a specific theme, story, or form to unify the entire book. The genre has been revitalized in the past 20 years by the widespread availability of low-cost copy centers and the cultural revolutions spurred by both zines and poetry slams.

Some details: the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, the New Virginia Review, the Library or Virginia and Chop Suey Books continue the Fresh Ink literary series with a chapbook festival Sunday, April 19, from 1 to 5 at the Visual Arts Center. Doors open at 12:30 PM at 1812 W. Main Street. Various poets and writers will be reading selections from their work.


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