Crazy Bikes in the Fan

Floyd Ave. Bikes

Floyd Ave. Bikes

So, you can’t live in the Fan for long without noticing the crazy bikes. I won’t pretend to understand all about them. Some are fixed gear, I get that. Others are track bikes. Some are home-made welding jobs. Some are double-decker bikes. Some have brakes, but many don’t.

Richmond’s a city, and the Fan’s an area, with a bit of an underground bike scene. There are even bike clubs to rival about any other city in the country. More on that here.

And, of course, for those in the know, there’s Slaughterama. This year is Slaughterama 6–and it happens this weekend (Evil Fool’s Day, as it’s called). Slaughterama and the Cutthroats are not necessarily big ‘planners’ or ‘publicizers’ (at least in traditional ways) so it’s tough to know details. But I think Slaughterama will take place at Belle Isle with hundreds of people descending on RVA from all parts this weekend. But correct me if I’m wrong. And if you’ve been in the past, pray do tell.

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