Shaka and Awe

Shaka Smart

Shaka Smart

RVANews has the news of VCU’s new basketball coach. AD Norwood Teague has gone back to Florida to steal another assistant coach. This time it’s Shaka Smith. More info here.

I like the philosophy of hiring good assistants from proven national programs. But more than that I like all of the potential with Coach Smart’s name. First of all, it’s a bonanza for headline writers–Shaka Smart–are you kidding me?

Plus, there are immediate pre-game or post-game cross-promotional possibilities with Chiocca’s Downstairs in WOTB. What should the drink special be?

Currently the GoldRush dancers are combing through Shaka Khan’s discography is preparation for next season. Can you imagine the routine they’ll cook up as homage to Coach Smart using ‘I’m Every Woman’? Matt White’s head may explode.

And the VCU Department in charge of promoting the basketball team must be salivating over the possible slogans for next year. The early favorite, according to sources, is Shaka and Awe.

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