Rams’ 1st Round Matchup

The VCU Rams’ first round NCAA game against UCLA tips @ 9:50 Thursday night. The guys at VCU RamNation have some audio of Bruins coach Ben Howland whining about various and sundry things: UCLA’s seeding, having to travel further than any other team in the tournament, a potential 2nd round matchup against Villanova in Philadelphia. But the best part may be SoCal native Howland displaying his astute knowledge of East Coast geography in saying that Philly is a 2 hour drive from Richmond. Has he ever been on I95? Does he think that VCU has some sort of hovercraft transportation system?

In related news, the ESPN national bracket shows 27% of the country currently picking VCU to upset UCLA. President Obama, however, picked VCU, one of only 5 first round presidential upsets (one of 3 if you take out 8/9 games).

Who do you have?

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