Fan Parking

Zone 2 Fan Parking

Zone 2 Fan Parking

Maybe you’ve noticed new signs up–showing expanding parking restrictions in the Fan. The restricted parking zones continue their intrepid march westward, now extending basically to Meadow (with a few exceptions). More information can be found at the Fan District Association Parking site. Here’s the quick and dirty:

The new restricted parking signs are being installed in the expanded Fan
Residential Restricted Parking District (Zone 2) today [Friday], the first signs were
install on Grove Ave. Affected residents should be getting a letter next
week about the purchase of 2010 decals and Annual Visitor Passes

Parking decals are $25/year. Annual visitor passes are $35. 2010 decals (valid through June 2010) are available via online application.

In related news, local towing companies are hiring. . .

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