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swiss chard from Victory Farms

swiss chard from Victory Farms

Anyone else super excited to start planting?  About a month ago I requested a Burpee catalog (because I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and was convinced that I needed to order my seeds and plants from them).  The only problem is that I want to plant much more than my tiny little “yard” has room for.

My family recently moved from Hanover County into the city and I must admit, for all that we’ve gained in city culture, we’ve lost in green space.  One of my son’s friends visited from the burbs and asked where our backyard was.  I pointed out the window and said “it’s right there.”  He said he still couldn’t see it.

We at least have some room for a few tomato plants, herbs in pots and some flowers for cutting. We belong to a CSA and get a variety of produce all throughout the summer from Victory Farms, so we knew we didn’t need to plant a lot of veggies or we’d be overwhelmed (especially since the kids’ idea of a good vegetable is french fries and occasionally a carrot stick drowned in ranch dressing).  Besides the few tomato plants, asparagus and rhubarb we ordered, I plan on visiting Maymont’s Herbs Galore in a few weeks and ordering some lavender from SynerGeo.

I can’t wait until Spring and the taste of my first, freshly picked vegetable of the season.  Is anyone else planting anything?  Any clever ideas on space management in a Fan yard?

Side note on CSAs –  Victory Farms is full for the year, but here are some other great options for local produce:

As well as all of the great local markets!


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